Intra-Community Supplies (ICL)

Intra-Community Supplies (ICL) If your company is located in Belgium, France or Germany or any other European country, and you have a valid VAT number, we can also supply you Intra-Community Delivery.
If you want to make use of this option, you must create an account in advance before you actually order and inform us that you want to be supplied intra-Community.

When creating your account, it is important that you also state your company details such as Chamber of Commerce (if applicable) and your VAT number.
After your registration, we have the obligation to check your data, after checking and approval, we will adjust your account and you will receive a message from us, after which you can place your order.

VAT transfer must always be done before the order is placed and the invoice and/or webshop order is paid. We are not allowed to refund VAT afterwards.
If you want to have the VAT reversed, please always contact us before ordering. We cannot and may not honor requests to refund the VAT afterwards.

Updated 01-03-2022